About us

Our Story

Launched in 2006 in Poland, the Obsessive brand is the legacy of a dedicated entrepreneurial couple with a century of combined experience in the fashion industry. In 2006, inspired by love, co-owner Mr. Szpila was looking to buy his beautiful wife, sensual premium lingerie with a unique design but simply could not find anything he loved. He decided to design something with love for his wife, which in tern, developed into a high fashion brand that is international, agile and digital. From trendy pieces to practical undergarments, Obsessive brings together four essentials: luxury, design, quality and comfort.

Our Mission

At Obsessive Lingerie Canada Inc., our mission is to meet your needs to feel beautiful and sexy in your own skin. It is our mission to provide fashion-forward premium lingerie that is designed with your pleasure and comfort as the top priority.

Our Vision

Obsessive Lingerie Canada Inc. believes everyone should feel beautiful, sexy and confident; no matter their shape or size, because everyone deserves uniquely designed, high-quality, premium lingerie. Our vision is to inspire your desire, to empower you, but also to bring quality, comfortable and creatively designed fashion to customers with a consumer-centric philosophy.
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